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Fruit Cerry Prevent Uric Acid

Do not underestimate the red fruit is small. The content of antioxidants in it turned out to be quite effective in preventing gout pain.

Uric acid or gout is one kind of rheumatic disease caused by uric acid crystallizes in the joints, causing swelling and pain. Joints in the feet are frequently affected body part gout.

In a study of 663 patients for a year, found that regular consumption of cherries may reduce gout attacks to 35 percent. Cherries can be consumed in the form of fresh or extract three servings in two days.

Previous research suggests that chemical compounds in fruits can reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood.

In patients who combine medication uric acid from a doctor with the consumption of cherries, gout attacks they reduced up to 75 percent compared with patients who did not take medication or do not eat cherries.

“It’s long been known that some kinds of fruit, especially cherries, can prevent gout and rheumatoid arthritis were included in the diseases caused by inflammation in the joints,” says Prof. Alan Silman, medical director of Arthritis Research UK.

He explained that the content of antioxidants in cherries is an inhibitor (inhibitor) of natural enzymes that are targeted by several anti-inflammatory drugs.

“From this study proved that uric acid medication and regular eating cherries will significantly reduce gout attacks,” Silman said.

from : health.kompas.com

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